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It would be better for Mineplex to remove the current system limiting the number of friends one can have via /f. Up until a few months ago, there already was no limit, and there is also currently no limit on the number of members a Community can have.

On top of this, removing the limit would allow YouTubers and players actively engaged with the community to expand their outreach and make new friends without fear of filling up space that could have been reserved for a future new friend. I know for a fact that several YTs active in the community right now would love to see a removal of the limit, as they constantly have to turn down /f requests due to already being far over the limit.

In my own case, I used to help manage the unofficial list of Levels 90-99 in the Mineplex Community alongside Pabulous, Doogry, evanmoney, and nwang888. We would often reach out to and befriend a wide variety of players notable in the community for their in-game accomplishments.

Thank you.

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Comments: 21

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