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Hi everyone,

So while I was in the lobby today, I noticed that the Guardian morph cannot use its guardian's laser feature at the main spawn area in Lobby. With this being said, Guardian morphs can use their laser around and in parkour areas. I see this being a problem because explosive cosmetics and morphs if used in the parkour area, can interrupt a player's vision/focus when completing a parkour course. As of now, although these morphs do not create knockback to those who are in parkour mode, the particles and the visual effects caused by these gadgets/morphs may interrupt the focus of the player and as a result, may make them fail a parkour run.

For this reason, I am advocating for cosmetics/morphs that has an "explosive" feature such as the Guardian, Creeper and Wither morphs and the tnt gadget to be disabled for use in the designated parkour areas.

Let me know what you guys think

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Under consideration Cosmetics

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