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Since 2/1/19, “God Items” and Designed banners aren’t able to be moved if in a back inventory slot, a chest, E-Chest, Shulker box, etc. Neither are Colored Shulker Boxes or Filled Shulker boxes. My banner shop almost got griefed (Destroyed) By Candypink 27 and KidaBlank. I know how to get them out, BUT NOT IN. Please Edit this so “God Items,” Designed Banners, And all Shulker boxes are movable. Also btw Undesigned banners and unplaced colored Shulker boxes can be moved. Please Fix this or Many of us Survival Mode players, God and Banner shop owners in particular, will be out of business

Suggested by: Ethanferretcena Upvoted: 21 Apr Comments: 3

Under consideration Bedrock

Comments: 3

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