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In games, people tend to get competitive with their stats where people are constantly looking and comparing their stats on the leader-board, and are always trying their best to better themselves (whether it's improving their K/D, win-loss ratio, etc.); however, I've noticed that people (especially within the Turf Wars competitive community) tend to leave the games at the end so that their stats don't register meaning it won't class as a loss, and any deaths and stuff they got throughout that game won't register. I find this an unfair way of improving an individual's stats, especially when there is users that do it the legitimate way.

My solution is: if they leave the game - whether they're on the winning team or losing team - there stats will be recorded no matter what. This means their 'impeccable' stats are legit like other users that do it the legit way as well.

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Comments: 6

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