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As of lately, on the Mineplex server there has been a very low number of active YT rank players. This may be a result of a low number of players meeting the standards for the YT rank. Since the creation of the rank, the player count on Mineplex has gone significantly down and this may make it more difficult for Mineplex-based creators to obtain the requirements for the rank. I propose that the requirements for the rank be lowered so that it is more obtainable for Mineplex specific content creators. I believe that the subscriber requirement should be lowered to accommodate for these creators. The rank requirement of 2,000 subscribers was created when there was a notably larger player count than current times. It is now a bit harder to reach considering the player count has dwindled. I think that the rank requirement should be lowered to something easier to reach for Mineplex creators such as 1,000 subscribers. I hope you take this proposition into consideration
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Comments: 20

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