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Okay so I have one idea for report system. First sorry for my english...Okay so my idea is that if someone report some player and someone already reported them that then they are not able to report him again because there is already one report opened against him. So mineplex have big problem with hackers so I think when staff open reports I think there should be some algorithm for priority so lets say that hacking reports get 5 points and chat reports get 2 points and if its sent 15mins ago it get 5 points if its sent 5 mins ago it get 1.5 points . I think that with that system older reports will have priority and hacker reports will have priority. For example there is 2 open reports one is chat, and one is hacks , chat one is sent 20mins ago and it got (10 points for 20mins + 2 pointsfor chat report = 12 points ) , and for hacking one is sent 15mins ago (7.5points +5 one=12,5) so hacking report will be on the top of reports because of algorithm.Let me see in comments what do u think!

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