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I know, particles in BH might sound stupid to a lot of players. Yes they give you away more easily, and forgetting to disable them before a game is frustrating. However, a lot of the experienced players (with a few hundreds or even thousands of wins) did enjoy play with particles! It's one of the best way to recognise each other through our disguises in game, they also add a bit of challenge (we can't hide, we need to constantly move).
Over one year ago, particles were disabled. At first we all were unhappy, but we quickly figured out that some particles still remained working - for example spring halo and holiday tree. However, the last update completely patched it....

We would like to see the return of all particles in BH. And to cope with the desire of unexperienced players to not struggle every game because they forgot to disable their particles, we suggest that an exclusive pref for BH should be added: forcing the cosmetics off in the game by default.

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Comments: 4

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