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I forgot what game I played but basically if you were new you would only be paired up with new players. A) This would be cool to have that way you do not get paired up with a lvl 85 Titan your first game and get totally demolished. B) You can prevent hackers and rule breakers from joining on an alt or low level account from joining a game full of players who want to actually play the game. So essentially it's a faze you have to go through that way it's almost a firewall from players being overwhelmed and from hackers ruining games for higher level players. Not saying higher level players do not hack but it is more likely for someone to use an alt or low level account and hack. An example would be you join and you're level 1 so you would play with people level 1-5 or 1-10 and after level 10 you join normal games with any other level.

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Comments: 1

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