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Aren’t you tired of noobs ruining your games. Well we got the thing for you.

8 players battle it out. Basically it can be duos maps but with only one player on each team island. This would not at all divide the player base because cakewars on bedrock is super popular and has so much potential to grow even more. A solo would bring happiness and joy to competitive players. Duos also right now is glitched and if you try to party with someone in it you never get on the same team. What’s the point of duos if you can’t play with your friend. If adding solos does divide the player base then either fix your party system and add solos as it’s own game or remove duos and add solos as it’s own game. And last but not least remember that CROSS TEAMING IS BANNABLE

-Your Friendly CW Leaderboards Player

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Not planned

Comments: 2

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