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In Turf Wars, Super Paintball, and many other two-sided Arcade games, parties have become dominant, 5 or 6 players banding up to just grind wins to get to the top of the leaderboard. They stifle new players and make the game stale and one-sided for everyone. My reasoning goes further in the image below. However my solution to this problem is:

1. Remove the feature that parties are always queued on the same team.

2. Revert back to the old system where you could see your team before the match started and could queue up for a specific color if you wanted to be on the same team as someone else. (Using the Colored Sheep)

3. These changes should only be made for arcade games, as they are meant to be more casual. An exception to this would be Sheep Quest and Micro Battles, as they are not 2-sided games.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this suggestion. I made a post recently about the Turf side of this on the forums: https://bit.ly/2UplPOs

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Comments: 5

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