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Adding vote kick for MINESTRIKE would take stress of staff dealing with rayers, f5ers and aim botters. It would allow *ranked* (eternal I'm thinking is the appropriate rank for it) to remove players from the game if they are breaking a rule. If a player is vote kicked, they should not be allowed to re-join that lobby, however can join other lobbies. If he/she continues to break the rules, they can vote kick her out too. This would make the game ALOT more fun as it give the legit players a chance to win without a rayer or f5er ect carrying them and stealing kills and assists. Please think about this and make this a command. It would help the MS community so much and make the game a lot of more fun but also relieve stress of the staff. Thank you for reading.

Suggested by: Cyaloser Upvoted: 23 Apr Comments: 2

Not planned

Comments: 2

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