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I think somewhere located in the lobby there should be an end-portal with text above it written "KitPvp", now if you jump into this end portal you will be teleported to somewhere in the lobby, a little island to get ready to jump down and go to battle! With /kits, like Kit Pvp (Diamond Armour Prot II, Sharp III sword), and then some more kits that are only for the ranked players (E.g, Eternal get Prot VI armour and a Sharp VII sword). To make this mode special, (Not the most sure about my idea, but here it is:), a shop located down in the dangerous section, where you can buy pets that fight for you, or transport you with the currency to buy being gems, i.e a dangerous ocelot, hungry to kill, a super awesome squid, who you can ride on in the ocean to find enemies. Anyways, I hope you consider this idea! Thank you very much :)

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